CAMP Survey CAMP Survey CAMP Survey

CAMP Survey

To Counsel:

Our records show that you recently participated in a pre-argument conference. We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete the following anonymous questionnaire relating to your experience. The Court greatly appreciates your willingness to take the time to help us better serve you and your clients.

I represent:

I handled the case at:

(i.e. Contract, Civil Rights, Bankruptcy, etc.)


The stage of the proceeding when disposed:

The case involves:

The conference was:

The result of the conference was:

Did you submit the Optional CAMP Mediation statement?

Would you have participated in the conference if it had been voluntary?

If the case did not settle, what if anything could the mediator have done differently to improve the chances of settlement?

Whether or not the case settled, was the CAMP conference helpful in:
(Select all that apply)

Clarifying the Issues
Eliminating Issues
Dealing with Procedural Problems
Reducing Tensions between participants
Helping participants objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments
Generating new ideas and options for settlement
Overcoming obstacles and impasses

Other (please specify):

Was the mediator well prepared for the conference?

Would it be helpful to provide the mediator with a short list of the case law and/or statutory citations that the parties will rely on in support of their positions on appeal?

Please provide us with any other comments about the program, including any suggestions not already covered as to how the CAMP conference may be improved:

Who was your Mediator?